At Liberty Hill Equity Partners, LLC, our Midwestern values are reflected in how we do business – we are with you for the long haul. We seek to be true trusted partners who invest in owners, operators, and employees, dedicating ourselves to the success of the business model. We use multiple equity models to achieve win-win situations with a focus on customer value.

Among the advantages we offer:

  • Commitment to investing for the long term
  • Executive team with hands-on expertise
  • Development of mutually beneficial goals
  • Strategic support for your operations
  • Personal touch and immediate response to your concerns


Liberty Hill Equity Partners, LLC is an evolution of River Trading Company, which traces its origin to the Hatfield Coal Company, a family business spanning four generations and dating back to 1882. In 2014, River Trading Company made the strategic decision to diversify its portfolio and began adding new businesses. In 2019, River Trading Company rebranded the holding company as Liberty Hill Equity Partners, LLC.

Liberty Hill’s headquarters are in Cincinnati’s historic George Hunt Pendleton House, located at 559 Liberty Hill in the Prospect Hill Historic District of Cincinnati, Ohio. This building, overlooking downtown Cincinnati, is renowned for its French Second Empire architecture and was designated a U.S. National Historical Landmark in 1964.

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“As a result of working with the Liberty Hill group as its outside counsel for more than two decades, I have witnessed firsthand how the company conducts business in both good times and bad. In all conditions, they have exhibited a professional demeanor and business character that make me proud to be associated with them. In 2014, when the opportunity arose to bring them in as a partner in a land venture, doing so was an easy decision for me to make. Since then, the land venture has continued to grow with new opportunities that would not have existed without the contacts and diverse backgrounds of the principals.”
Doug McElwee, Principal, Greenbrier Land Company & Raleigh Land
“Liberty Hill are active and aligned partners, providing critical strategic, financial, and administrative support to the Precision team. They give us whatever level of involvement we want and work with a sense of urgency, allowing us to focus on our customers and our people. They stand behind us and beside us without standing on our shoulders. They have been great business partners at each stage of our company’s growth.”
Darrin McElroy, Principal, Precision Vehicle Logistics
“We have enjoyed a longstanding partnership with Cincinnati Bulk Terminals. Our supply chain is very important to the success of our plant, and CBT has played a critical role in that supply chain for over 20 years. We appreciate that CBT goes the extra mile when the circumstances require doing so and the fact that CBT has always had our best interests in mind from almost 200 miles away.”
Kevin Towne, Raw Materials Procurement Manager, North Star Bluescope Steel